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Above Knee Kit


Above Knee Kit

For the first time in history of the prosthetics industry, amputees up to 500 pounds can be liberated from the confines of their wheel chairs. Laborer amputees in heavy duty industries and with higher activity needs will now be self-functioning.

Complementing the BK-500 system, TiMed Inc. is pleased to introduce their newest Above Knee (AK) 500 pound system.

The AK-500 Pound System includes:

  • Polycentric knee with locking mechanism maximizing stability
  • Aerospace quality carbon tube
  • Components comprised of aerospace titanium alloy
  • Foot providing an appropriate amount of dynamic response enabling a smooth roll-over

All components are designed to provide maximum mobility to patients enabling them to walk with confidence.

Tested and certified in Berlin University, the AK-500 pound system provides high functionality while requiring low maintenance.

TiMed Inc. has been a lower-limb prosthetic industry leader for more than 15 years, designing and manufacturing high quality, anatomically correct prosthetic systems with a broad weight range.

Emulating human anatomy while remaining highly customizable, TiMed products enrich the lives of thousands of satisfied users throughout the world.

With state-of- the -art design and precise engineering, TiMed is committed to the research and development of the finest prosthetic products.