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TiMed offers a complete line of modular prosthetic components fabricated from titanium, stainless steel and aluminum using the most progressive, state of the art manufacturing processes.


Our Clients Say

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have my skin and my confidence back! Everyone in Accalia Dermatology Clinic has been so efficient and friendly, making me feel very comfortable.

Amanda Mayhem

I am very satisfied with my experience at Accalia Dermatology Clinic. I just got done with my acne treatments and my face looks flawless. The staff and nurses were very friendly and informative.

Kevin Philipson

I go there regularly for my psoriasis and have always had wonderful customer service. The staff at the clinic were all very friendly and professional and I loved working with Dr. Wang. She is a fantastic doctor!

Melony Dowen

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